We build the software for your future

BP.Fish is a bpfish project. Founded by Mr. Chun Wang, co-founder of F2Pool, one of the world's leading mining pools. BP.Fish is a block producer candidate providing hardware and education, and is also passionately engaged in building the global EOS community.

What We Do

We are champions of EOS. We are block producers and community builders. We are helping new EOS projects find success. We are aiding the platform's development and its adoption around the globe. Join us in shaping the platform of the future.
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Block Producing

A fish that produces BLOCKS! – We are block producers, and one of the only communities that can fully uphold the responsibilities of doing so, whether its dealing with technical matters or issues of governance.


BP.Fishlet – To date, we have one of the most secure EOS wallets. The Fishlet, as we like to call it, is currently used by thousands of users daily. Security, accessibility and transparency are important watchwords reflected in our wallet.

Fish Hub

We provide the means to succeed for promising blockchain projects. This includes investment, expert advice, and community-based connections. We do this for our growing community of Fishies and for the betterment of the EOS platform.


We regularly organize and attend EOS events around the world.
We love to share our perspectives with the EOS community, and to welcome new Fishies with valuable blockchain education.

Why BP.Fish

BP.Fish is eager to become a blockchain promoter and stimulate the development and innovation of the EOS industry. BP.Fish is fully supported by bpfish. Mr. Chun Wang started mining in 2011, and co-founded F2Pool in 2013. Since then, nearly one million bitcoins, ten million litecoins, and four million ethers and have been mined by F2Pool. F2Pool has mined the most Bitcoin blocks in the world and has the second largest output in ETH mining. F2Pool’s contribution to ETH mining has helped aid the decentralization of the Ethereum mining network.

We are going to devote a good portion of our Block Production proceeds to the community DIRECTLY! However, we EXPRESSLY FORBID and will forever be against the practice of dividends used to pay voters. We will never be in favor of vote buying. This is both unethical and detrimental to the future success of EOS. We are additionally not interested in paying dividends to EOS token holders directly. The only form of inflation reward sharing we would remotely consider is those that directly benefit the BP.Fish community in the form of throwing hackathon type events where new and exciting tech could come from it.
mined by F2Pool
Our focus is on building a thriving community and external environment, helping to share and circulate the latest EOS developments.

We will do this by organizing EOS meetups and educational workshops worldwide.
  • Help create the EOS ecosystem.
  • Focus on building a strong community.
  • Organizing EOS meetups.

About Us

We are a group that believes in the power of the EOS platform and which envisions its widespread adoption across the world. Our goal is to utilize the undeniable possibilities that the platform holds by providing security, awareness and opportunity to the natural complex of EOS.


BP.Fish combines high-end hardware with next level technologies. We are creating a global and fun community, together we will build our future!


Our goal is to be at the forefront of the global adoption of EOS, providing a combination of hardware and community education.
Technical Specifications
Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd Rack Server / Intel Xeon Gold 6150 Processor * 2 / 256 GB RAM / 800 GB SSD * 8

Scaling Perspectives

With the development of the EOS ecosystem, we will adjust and update hardware settings according to the actual network load status, ensuring that the entire community operates smoothly and safely.


Our founders comprise an experienced team of crypto advocates and blockchain believers, with an abundance of expertise. They also believe in the role to be played by a vibrant and connected community. Join the Telegram discussions and ask them anything.
  • Marshall Long
    CTO of FinalHash, an expert in the P2P economy and one of the earliest participants in blockchain. Marshall is considered as one of the world's first bitcoin miners who systematized mining.
  • Guofeng Zhao
    Founder of RFund, a well-known cryptocurrency arbitrager. Mr. Zhao is also the founder of Bitcoin World and the CEO of Huobi Korea. He has extensive experience in the mapping and managing of OTC exchange over many years.
  • Max Keiser
    Stock broker turned entrepreneur, Max Keiser co-founded the Hollywood Stock Exchange for which he received a US patent for his virtual specialist technology for trading virtual securities. He’s an early investor in many cryptocurrency exchanges and is an expert on designing markets and market making technologies. The Keiser Report was the first financial news program to cover bitcoin.
  • Stacy Herbert
    Hollywood executive turned independent media producer and early bitcoin adopter, Stacy Herbert is the CEO of Heisenberg Capital, an early investor in many well-known cryptocurrency related companies. She is one of the most prominent women in bitcoin and blockchain.


Where are we located? In the EOS sea, of course! We also have offices in Bangkok and Seoul, and regularly set up meetups in these areas. Join us for fun and games!